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Tooth Whitening

When surveying about dentistry concerns, tooth color ranks at the top. People are extremely worried about tooth discoloration and the impact it makes on their appearance, especially first impressions. There are several simple, non-invasive tooth whitening procedures available, with at-home options being the most popular. These procedures aim to make a dramatic change in the color of natural tooth enamel.

While impressive results are typical and even expected at times, there are variables to take into account, namely existing restorations. Only natural teeth will take to color, meaning fillings, crowns and other appliances already in the mouth will not improve like teeth adjacent. Restorations are usually in need of replacement after whitening to match the new shade. Whitening results are not permanent. Efforts need to be repeated every several years, dependent upon the use of cigarettes, coffee, tea and wine.


  • Fluorosis
  • Normal wear and tear of outer enamel
  • Yellow, brown stains possibly due to medications


Opting for professional, at-home services will require two preparatory visits to Dr. Walton’s Columbus office. At the first appointment, impressions are taken of the mouth in order to create custom, clear plastic trays. At the second appointment, those trays will be evaluated for a flawless fit, performing any adjustments if necessary. The trays are then taken home. They are filled with whitening solution and worn either twice a day for 30 minutes or overnight for several weeks. This will depend on the degree of staining and the desired result. For patients who are not interested in overnight wear, DayWhite is a formula designed just for day use. Easy and convenient, DayWhite boasts great results. During times of active whitening, patients have reported tooth sensitivity. The sensitivity seems to disappear quickly after use.

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