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If you are looking for professional whitening results achieved in the overnight hours, NiteWhite ACP whitening gel is an ideal option.  This has been proven to be the most effective and longest lasting way to whiten your teeth.  A difference can be seen in days, while maximum results are evident in about two weeks.  NiteWhite handles aging stains, smoking stains, genetic stains and tetracycline stains with ease. Worn overnight in custom-fitted trays, the gel covers your entire smile, leaving no area untreated. This is an advantage over one-size-fits-all whitening strips.


The NiteWhite formula contains potassium, nitrate, fluoride and amorphous calcium phosphate additives to help dramatically reduce sensitivity, which can be characteristic of whitening solutions. If sensitivity is still an issue, the wear time per day can be decreased, while the number of treatment days increased. In addition to improving physical appearance, the ACP component of NiteWhite binds to exposed dentin, rebuilding any weakened enamel.

NiteWhite is a partner of DayWhite and can be issued by Dr. Walton after he deems your dental records make you a strong candidate for whitening. ACP is accessible solely through prescription products, emphasizing the potency of the process. Staining foods and drinks are subject to affect teeth in only the 30 minutes following use. Touch-ups of this completely safe cosmetic procedure are normally only required once or twice per year. Stronger and shinier results are in your future!

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