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Dental Implants

If you are looking for a way to add new teeth to existing spaces, there may a permanent solution available to you. Implants offer a way to replace missing teeth in a way that is fixed, unlike dentures. Implants are essentially artificial roots and teeth placed into the mouth. The titanium based apparati are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Implants are known to be natural-looking and a great way to restore smiles to their original form. They are a long-lasting and solid solution, only needing to be tightened or replaced after many years.

Why do I need implants?

  • Replace missing teeth without affecting the adjacent teeth
  • Prevent shifting of other teeth
  • Solve bite problems
  • Help with chewing, speech and digestion
  • Support facial tissue
  • Secure existing bridges or dentures


Implant installation requires various appointments over several months of time. At first, molds and x-rays are taken to determine the location of bones and gum tissue, as well as the space available in which to fit the implants. At the next appointment, the patient is numbed and the implant placed into the bone. A second surgery may be required, depending on the type of implants, to insert the post. With some types, the post and anchor are installed together. The mouth will need to adapt to the implant for a number of months before the dentist can proceed. When ready, the artificial teeth are fitted and attached to the anchor. This may require a couple of appointments to ensure proper alignment. Patients may experience a brief healing period, after which comfort and durability are commonly reported. Dr. Walton notices that patients have an improved confidence in their smiles, as well as a natural look and functionality after implants are completely installed.

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