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Childrens Dentistry

Dr. Steve Walton offers children’s services including mouth guards, fluoride, sealants, oral care at home and dental hygiene.

One of the biggest keys to a successful appointment is dealing with the child’s anxiety.. Defying the typical fear-filled sentiment towards the dentist is tricky. At our office, we strive to provide a friendly and fun experience, with a gentle touch. We avoid threatening language that could trigger dental phobias, such as “drill,” “needle” and “injection.” Dr. Steve Walton wants to create a dental home for these young patients .

Children’s dentistry is focused on the maintenance of deciduous (baby) teeth. In addition to focusing on general health and hygiene, pediatric services help to facilitate ideal chewing patterns, proper speech production and appropriate spacing to accommodate permanent teeth. Dr. Steve Walton follows a four prong approach.


Utilizing modern models and computer programs, we are able to communicate the importance of healthy teeth in an engaging, visual manner. This is done through utilizing child-friendly, easy to understand terminology. In addition, we also advise parents on how to improve eating habits of children, as well as how to encourage a home hygiene routine.


Regular appointments (check-ups) are a must for children. Besides just a routine cleaning, we administer sealants and topical fluoride to optimize the health of the teeth. We also advise parents on thumbsucking and pacifier habits. Finally, we love to demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques to our young patients so they may become immersed in their own dental health.

By scheduling regular appointments for a child, our staff can anticipate any forthcoming issues. This allows us to catch problems and intervene early. We know how important self-image is to our young clients and we do not want to stall their self-esteem.


In the case of identifying a problem or cause for concern, we are armed and ready with solutions. We can discuss with parents the possibilities for early oral treatment, possibly resulting from oral injuries, malocclusion (bad bite), or bruxism (grinding). These could call for space retainers, orthodontic referral, and mouth guards. We want to jump in at first sight.

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