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We would love to provide you with information important to your dental health and oral concerns. If you have specific circumstances, please reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

While clinical exams with our professional staff are essential, chair visits can only assess the mouth at face value. Only the top one third of the tooth is visible and able to be examined. X-rays help us look between teeth and underneath fillings. Through x-rays, we are able to diagnose hidden decay, tumors, cysts and bone loss. Failing to diagnose conditions early, as is available with x-rays, can result in longer and more expensive treatment. Our digital machines emit much less radiation than early models. We give our adults and children protective aprons to ensure the highest level of safety. Finally, we do not administer x-rays at every appointment. We will only ask our patients to complete x-rays as needed.

In our experience, custom overnight trays provide the longest lasting results. More potent gels are available for patients who cannot accommodate the overnight treatment. These are left on teeth for only 30 minutes twice a day, but the potency does encourage a greater degree of sensitivity. If you are wanting an over the counter option, our recommendation is Crest White Strips. They are not as effective as prescription treatment, but the price point is lower. Over the counter trays may fit poorly, as they are not customizable. This means there are higher incidences of irritation to teeth and gums. Make sure to check for leaking fillings and exposed roots regardless, to avoid extreme sensitivity.

If you have sensitivity in response to factors such as temperature or sugar content, it is often caused by exposed roots, as a result of gum recession. Fluid can leak and the hydraulic pressure generates a painful trigger. Cracked fillings can also expose this pulp fluid. Prescription fluoride toothpaste offers a simple solution. The toothpaste will plug openings in the enamel. Before trying this, however, you will want Dr. Walton to eliminate the possibility of a more serious condition requiring periodontal treatment.

It is only necessary to remove silver fillings if they become defective, like cracking or leaking. We fill with composite resin, which many prefer for cosmetic and safety reasons. We are happy to replace silver fillings if desired.

As long as you are devoutly practicing both habits, there is no mandatory order. Just make sure to brush at least twice a day and floss once.

We understand how big of a role financial considerations play in your family dental decision making. Here at Dr. Walton’s, we want to work with you to find the most advantageous option. We are the preferred provider for several plans. Contact our office to work with our staff on finding the most appropriate solution, ensuring maximum benefits.

We would love to have you in our Columbus office as soon as possible. When emergencies arise, we aim to treat you on the same day. We will work to accommodate every aspect of your family’s schedule.

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